Golden Beach


The Golden Beach Real Estate is one unique type of real estate market. It is in a small location of the Golden Beach. The property in this market mainly borders the Golden beach hence the name Golden Beach. It is located to the north of Sunny Isle. It borders Miami Beach too. When at the Golden Beach, one is able to view the Atlantic Ocean and the Golden Beach water fronts.

Since the Golden Beach borders a coastal line, the homes and houses on this property are not supposed to be tall. They should have their tallest buildings going to three or four floors. The tall sky scrapers are not suitable for this particular location. This is also for the sake of stability purposes. Tall buildings may end up being unstable in this particular environment.

The sale of houses at Golden Beach

The houses in Golden Beach are on very high demand. The reason why they are so much on high demand is because the Golden Beach environment is quiet and comfortable from the noisy city life. It is therefore for those people who tend to love their privacy rather than public life. It is a suitable environment for the introvert kinds of people. The class of people who like to keep to themselves. The class that prefers to stay here are the ones that comprise slightly elderly and the young working class type. The young couples who have small families and the elderly people who no longer have large families.

Since these families are in need of such quiet environment for their homes, they are not easy to come by. This is as a result of the controlled environment in the small piece of land. In the case of any stairs to be climbed, these are suitable as a result of the one or two floors in these houses. This scenario is suitable for the old generation and small children.

Since the demand is ever high in the Golden Beach Real Estate the prices are very high for any investment. The houses vary from $5 000 000 and can go to as high as $20 000 000 and above. The demand and supply of the houses have not always balanced. When the demand is high and the supply remains low, the sellers set very high prices. The market tends to be desperate for the purchases of the apartments thus fueling the pricing.

The General structure of Golden Beach Real Estate houses

A normal home in this area consists of the front yard compound and the back yard. The back yard forms the luxurious environment with a wide overview of the Atlantic Ocean and other water waterfronts. Different luxurious seats and benches are put at the back yard in order to enjoy the full scene of the water. Activities like swimming and boat riding are some of the activities that capture the eye. Others may also engage in fishing as a hobby. The individuals can also have fun at the beach as they busk and lie on the Golden Beach coasts that are quite private.

These Golden Beach Real Estate are also characterized by the front yard that is used as a parking and also has a garden of trees and flowers. The home owners have parking areas and they can also enjoy the quiet beautiful gardens as they enjoy the fresh air. The flowers are always tended to the taste and preference of the owner. One may decide to trim the flowers to low levels while others may want to leave the flowers to grow to large tall levels. There is a gate that allows entrance into the front yard. You won’t find this in sunny isles condos for sale area.

The main house of the Golden Beach may be several apartments within the same compound which may also end up sharing the back yard. The apartments are made to host single families with less people. This is also a factor that has helped to keep the population at Golden Beach Real Estate low. If each household can accommodate a maximum of five people, then the number of people is sustainable. The buildings should not go beyond three floors. Each floor can be home to two or three households or even more according to the original architectural design. Each individual apartment generally consists of a sitting room, kitchen and several bedrooms. The bedrooms can be two, three, and four and can go to as high as six or seven. Water supply into the house is managed by the municipal council and there is no shortage as thy treat the water from the Atlantic.